We are Growing and Sharing.  

Darlings, I should have told you sooner. This summer, thanks in big part to a talented friend in the website design business, I reorganized all my posts on a different site.   

It is not completed. 

I need to tweak a thing or two.

Add a little here and there.

But I am there and growing.

Instead of http://www.tossingconsumerism.wordpress.com. 

it is just, 


The posts are organized better to help readers navigate and use the site as a resource. I have added several shorter posts from the summer and have a lot of new things coming up. To see what I have written recently, click on the recent post link on the top. I hope I will see you over there and we can continue this crazy journey called life. I can not wait to share!

Cheers to growing. 

Cheers to sharing.

Cheers to walking a little lighter on our world!

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Walking Lighter at the Beach

When heading to the beach I try to minimize what I carry in order to walk lighter and to soak up more.  Here is a little sneaky peeky of what I carry…

One purse

I recently bought one at a thrift shop for $2. It is attractive. It can easily dry out because the fibers can breath. 

*AND it can zip!*

It doubles as our bathroom bag when we are traveling to our destinations and then transforms into our beach bag when we unpack.  

One water bottle 

I bought it at a rummage sale for $1.

It is glass, not plastic. We are cool with sharing and it fits perfectly into my purse/bathroom bag/beach bag.


This is a new one for me. We both tan easily so I never wore it.  Lately I am becoming aware of the sun’s after effects and broke down and started using it.

I have had this bottle for over 7 years. When it runs out we will be making our own to avoid the trash. I already have a few recipes I want to try out.  

Our phone/camera

I can order pizza from the beach and photography the craziness we get into.  

But when it really comes down to it, the only thing I need to bring to the beach is a shovel.  

*A Big Kid Shovel*

Hours of fun have been sparked by just this one item.  
It is a magnet to fun.

Just dig a hole at the water’s edge and let the little ones play in the pools of water that form after a wave.  

Or dig a hole further up the beach and build sides. Older kids will be completely consumed by adding details to their very own life-size castle.  

Best part, it never fails, Cubby and I will get to work building and creating and within minutes we have a crew of little ones and sometimes not so little ones, asking if they can join in on the fun.

One time a counted a dozen little beach friends!

Beach friends are best.

I do not bring a chair or music. I simply can not sit still long enough to warrant a chair and I want to hear the waves fully and completely. I leave my towel in the car and I do not own a cooler.

I sometimes find the idea of sitting on the beach, listening to music and drinking something sweet and cold to be attractive, but right now it only happens in my head.  

In our season of life this works. 

It fits our personalities.  

I am sure as Cubby grows our list of things we bring, and do not bring, will change.  

Nothing ever stays the same.  

Nothing is suppose too.
We just need to ride the wave we are on now and be ready to take up the next one in its time.

…and who knows, maybe someday I will own a cooler.

Cheers to sunshine.

Cheers to simplifying our stuff to amplify our fun.

Cheers to creating every chance we get.

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Party Favors; Trash-Free Style

We mark.  

We color.  

We play.

Crayons are a staple in the tiny house.

Crayons are petroleum based.

Crayons are labor-intensive to create.  

Crayons have a larger carbon footprint then you would think.

Crayons lose their coolness when they get small; ask any kid.  

Crayons become trash.

This stinks.
So here is want we do with the little bits and pieces of uncool crayons.

Throughout the year we collect them and compost the paper wrappings.

When we invite little ones to our home for silly parties we have a craft/party favor ready to go.

After placing the little bits into a silicone muffin pan, I pop them into the oven until they melt.

I found this silicone mold for 50 cents at Goodwill and gifted it to my nephews afterwards to make ice cubes!

When the colors have cooled, we flip the mold over and drop the new crayons out.

This freaks kids out.

This never gets old.

This stretches the life of our crayons.
Of course I chuckle because our guests leave with a little bit of our trash cleverly disguised as a gift. 

…a really cool gift.
Cheers to trash-free parties.

Cheers to giving life to worn out, uncool things. 

Cheers to the color little ones give to life. 

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Flower Bombs

I really can not decide what I enjoy the most.  

Making flower bombs.
Talking about making flower bombs.

Launching flower bombs.  


Surprising people with flower bombs.

Here is how we make our ammo…

First, I collect and shred Cubby’s graded homework. Next, the paper is soaked for several hours. Working in small batches, I take the soaked paper add additional water and blend in a blender for a few seconds. With a screen over a sink, I pour the paper pulp onto the screen and allow the extra water to run though. Carefully a shake the flower seeds on top the pulp. Finally, I gather a portion of the pulp and flower seeds in my hand and ring out the extra water. The seeds are left on the counter overnight to dry.  

Now bomb the world with cheerfulness! As you are walking or driving toss, pitch or slam a bomb into the air. After a rain storm and a dose of sunshine your seeds will start to take root, grow and bloom.

I chose to use daisy seeds because they are native to our area but also because I have always been in love with this happy flower. Ten years from now if daisies have become an invasive weed and taken over our town, blame me. 

These balls of fun are so easy to make yourself, but if you would rather have one of ours, we will be passing them out at our annual Mother’s Day Lemonade/Cupcake Stand this Sunday afternoon.  

Location: our front yard.  

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Soccer Snacks, Trash-Free Style

So I kinda stretched the truth to my little cub when soccer season started. I told her there was a new rule this year and all snacks after soccer matches had to be healthy.  

Oreos, pop tarts and fruit snacks did not qualify. 

I totally made this rule up.

But I made sure I was the first parent to sign up to bring snacks, thus hopefully…crossing my fingers…setting the standard for snacks to come.  

Of course my trash-free style meant I had to think ahead for this occasion.  

Our basket, which usually holds all of Cubby’s leggens and shorts, was packed with apples, oranges and bananas as well as a container of homemade peanut butter and oatmeal cookies.  

Trash-free drinks are tricky. I let the Cub pick the drinks out as long as it was in a #1 or #2 plastic bottle versus landfill bound, juice pouches. Surprisingly she was completely cool with this stipulation and choose Gatorade. After the match we had a few extra, so she had a “special” drink with dinner the last two nights.  

She thinks she is cool.

I know I am.  

…well… until the day comes when she realizes I totally make my own rules up.  

Cheers to spring.

Cheers to planning ahead. 

Cheers to finding solutions to trashy problems.

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Traveling Hands Free Style

Recently we traveled back to my hometown. Our dear friends are living there again and they have generously opened their home to us to visit when we can. It is a delight to be in their company and a joy to revisit favorite childhood spots.  
Our minimalism lifestyle naturally pours over into how we pack and vacation.  

I do not want to carry more than I need. I want to send every free moment feeling present and alive, not checking, organizing and worrying about my stuff. 

Slowly, I am perfecting my packing list.  

Slowly, I am perfecting my needs and smoothing out my travel.

Slowly, I am letting go of what I “might need”.  

Here is what I pack…

4 outfits (plan do a load of laundry mid week or wear everything twice)

Exercise clothing


Swimsuit and sunglasses

Bathroom bag

Wallet (only the cards I need)

Phone and charger 

Water bottle and snacks 

(seriously, I am a Ross and my daughter is 1/2 Ross…we do not go anywhere without food)

The best part is our bags fit under the plane seat in front of us. 

Now granted our list is low in part because our friend opens her home to us. We do not have to bring towels, laundry detergent or toys.  

I read books she owns.  

If we forget something, she probably can help us out.  

For example, we needed a toenail clipper and a bandaid after the pavement jumped up and bit Cubby’s toe.

My friend came to the rescue.  

I experimented with converting a purse to a bathroom bag this trip.  Then when we made it to our destination, we unpacked and it became our beach bag.  

This worked out perfectly!

I use to believe I needed to bring something home from every trip in order to remember.  

Not anymore.

I use to bring sea shells home.

Not anymore.

I use to bring patches home to sew onto my backpack.

Not anymore.

I hold my memories in my mind and heart.  

That is all I need.  

By daughter brings one item home, and that is totally okay with me. She feels she needs it to remember.  

I understand.  

  Cheers to letting go of the “I might need this” mindset.

Cheers to opening up space for making memories.

Cheers to almost having my packing list perfected. 

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My “Baseball” Hat

Did you know a baseball is full of wool yarn ranging in different plys and delicious colors of blues and grays?  


But now you know a gorgeous secret.

What did I do with this new found treasure?  

Well, I make a hat, of course.  

I call it my baseball hat.

Now I need to make a pair of baseball gloves, 

a pair of baseball socks, 

a baseball jacket,

a baseball…


Oh goodness this is going to be fun.  

Cheers to packing away winter and saying hello to spring.  

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